Sitemap Hosting Service

Automatically scans your site and updates its xml sitemap files

How often are the sitemap files updated?

The "Hosting Sitemap" service will scan your website once a week and new sitemaps xml files will provide a search engine on the servers of our website "G Sitemap Generator".
You no longer have to download files and transfer them to your server.

Will I be informed about the upgrade process?

After completing each automatic process of generating a site map, you will be informed by email about the number of indexed subpages, so you will know how the number of links increases in Your domain.

How to configure your website for the "Hosting Sitemap" service?

The process is fully automated and only requires you to put an entry in the robots.txt file in indexed page. Our service checks whether you have correctly added the entry in the robots.txt file informs you about the result of this check each time in the email from the summary of the automatic process generating sitemap.
You don't have to inform Google every time about new sitemap files

What about and Google search engine ?

Storing files with site maps (sitemap xml) in a different location than the indexed domain is part of the protocol, which you can find out in the " > sitemap cross submits" .
Google fully supports this method of informing about the location of the sitemap. You can read about it on theirs official "Google > specyfication of robots.txt file"
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