Terms of use

The terms and conditions determine the rules for activating and using the G Sitemap Generator PRO service

For technical details of the service itself, please read the version comparison page HERE


  1. You activate the service by paying a specified amount see details
  2. The payment is made automatically through tpay.com or PayPal
  3. Activate the PRO version immediately after completing the payment procedure
  4. The payment procedure is a process that consists of the following steps:
    1. Our service redirects the customer to tpay.com or PayPal
    2. The customer make payment
    3. Once paid, the customer is redirected back to our site
    4. The customer receives a message in our service, and a mail message about the outcome of the banking operation that he himself undertook
    5. If the process was successful then the PRO service will automatically be activated
    6. If this process has not succeeded for some reason then please contact us HERE
  5. The validity period of activation is 1 month and after this period the G Sitemap Generator PRO version expires. In order to renew it, you must renew the activation fee


  1. Using the G Sitemap Generator PRO version is only possible after you have logged in
  2. Additional details, such as specifications, are included in the version comparision HERE
  3. Technical parameters and activation validity are constant and unchanged throughout the lifetime of the activation

Technical Support

  1. Our service provides full support for using the G Sitemap Generator PRO version.
  2. All questions and problems should be reported through the contact form HERE


  1. Customer may request reimbursement of activation costs, each such application will be considered individually.
  2. Any refund may be made only by transfer to a bank account maintained in Poland or accounts PayPal


  1. The service does NOT give invoices or bills

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